The Financial Commission

The Financial Commission is an independent dispute resolution and self-regulatory organisation that specialises in financial markets.

ExpertOption joined The Financial Commission as a registered Member in our commitment to high standards of client service and business practices.

We strive to provide the best online trading experience, ensure precise order execution, and prompt and efficient resolution of clients’ concerns by an independent mediator.

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Our clients benefit from the insurance policy of The Compensation Fund, which provides coverage of up to €20 000 per client should a Member refuse to adhere to a judgment from The Financial Commission. For more information click here

The Financial Commission for The Trader

Protection for our clients during dispute process free of charge

Compensation up to €20 000 per client for resolved disputes

Education materials and tips for all levels of experience

Dispute Resolution Process

1Submit your request by email to [email protected] within 30 calendar days since the dispute arose.
2The company will review the case within 5 business days and respond with the resolution. Additional details may be requested, which may extend the review period further by 2 business days since the day when requested information is provided.
3Should your request not be resolved or you disagree with the resolution, you have the right to appeal to The Financial Commission describing the situation using this form
The Financial Commission accepts appeals within 45 days following the date of the controversial situation and only after the trader has tried to resolve the issue with ExpertOption directly.
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